Why, hello. I am Giovanni, as I am sure you may know. If not, you will soon find out.

Team Rocket is my heart and soul, yet... failing them. It hurt. I shamed myself and failed my family. I left and somehow things have taken a turn for the worst. I never knew how much my Team really cared for me. I never knew. I pray to Arceus I am not too late to reconcile with them....

Lord of the Land



Ariana couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Giovanni had finally come back to them.  There was no better time for him to arrive.  It was very likely that the blow Mewtwo had dealt them could have hit their morale as well, but his return was going to provide the boost they most desperately needed.


She reached out for him as he knelt down beside her.  Her hands, one of which was bandaged, cupped his cheeks as she stared right back at him with her deep red eyes.  She had to touch him to convince herself that this was not a dream.  Ariana wanted to keep up a strong appearance, but that simply wasn’t possible after she had been emotionally rattled by Mewtwo’s attack.

Her eyes were already watering when she first saw him, but now she truly gave way to tears.  She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and brought him close.

“I’ve missed you… so much…” She sobbed into his chest.

Giovanni buried his nose into Ariana’s scarlet hair, wrapping his arms around her. “I missed you too, dear…,” He replied softly. A small smile pulled his lips. The Boss did feel like breaking down into tears, but he his Executives didn’t need to see him so vulnerable. 

Briefly kissing Ariana’s brow, Giovanni would turn his attention to those behind him, keeping the woman locked in his arms.

 ”Archer, you and I will indeed have a long talk, but you are to rest for a while. You need plenty of sleep and perhaps some real food. Don’t make me have to turn that into an order. You did a wonderful job… I’m proud to have an agile man such as yourself on Team Rocket,” he told Archer with a firm, but warm voice. 

"Sabrina, for now and until further notice, you have possession over Mewtwo. You are to return to your Gym immediately. If I know Red, he will worry over your safety and probably do more damage than Mewtwo did. I will have a grunt, officer, or at best an Executive call you to ensure your aches have subsided," he told the young woman with a stern nod. 

Next was Proton.

"Proton, you and Petrel are the only ones that seem capable of overseeing the base and building structures to make sure everything is still safe to approach. For now, however, I want you to take Sabrina home. After that, the night is yours to do as you wish. Dismissed," Giovanni’s tone made it clear that there was to be no arguing. His Executives have worked far too hard, and need a break. 

Most of all, Ariana needed him, and he was more than happy to oblige by returning his attention onto her, closing his eyes. The Lord of Land was just content that his Lady of Darkness returned to his arms. He dreaded having to return to work so quickly, but he swore to Arceus that he’d spend much more time with her than he used to. 

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