Why, hello. I am Giovanni, as I am sure you may know. If not, you will soon find out.

Team Rocket is my heart and soul, yet... failing them. It hurt. I shamed myself and failed my family. I left and somehow things have taken a turn for the worst. I never knew how much my Team really cared for me. I never knew. I pray to Arceus I am not too late to reconcile with them....

Lord of the Land

Pushing Forward 


For a moment, Athena wondered what would have happened if they had gotten that message.  Would she have managed to convince Giovanni to let her go with him, or could she have at least taken care of her son instead of being separated from him as well?  That was another possibility, that she could have been left completely alone without either of them and without a remnant of Team Rocket with which to rebuild.  She was glad that hadn’t been the case.

At the mention of Silver Athena perked up, but was disappointed.  She wasn’t going to get her son after all like she had hoped.  One day, she thought she had caught a glimpse of him in the Radio Tower.  She would have pursued him if Archer’s order to assemble hadn’t been so commanding.  Little did she know she could have reunited with her son in the midst all the chaos of that day…

But her son wasn’t coming back.  That knowledge weighted down heavily on her.  Even if he was with friends, with people he cared for and they cared for him, it hurt her tremendously.  Along with Giovanni, Silver was another she had longed to see and hold again.

What could she say to that?  No words came to her.  Athena leaned forward to rest her head against Giovanni’s chest in an effort to hold back more tears that threatened to come out.  She couldn’t remember a time when she had cried so much like this.  She was supposed to be strong, worthy of her title as Executive, not a weak and blubbering fool.  Yet the events of the past day had severely damaged that dam, leaving her in a pitiful state.  She wondered how she was going to pull herself out of it, it felt impossible at the moment.

Giovanni only breathed, pulling his beautiful beloved into his lap fully. He sighed, taking in her rosy scent and his lungs allowed air to filter. It took everything in him not to bawl his eyes out, not to sob when it was Athena who had deserved to shed tears. 

Acceptance was hard and moving on would be even worse. “…,” Another sigh, a pair of closed eyes, and tighter grip on her lower back. At the moment, Giovanni couldn’t find out where he was consciously. What could he say? Nothing he’d do would make much of a difference right now. As impatient as he usually had been, he steeled himself into the chair. He would hold Athena until she said otherwise. 

His mind wondered, thinking that moving to Johto for now would be for both of their best interests. The base much better and the spaces were more open and, you know, not completely demolished by a raging baby-hating pokemon, Mewtwo. 

"It is best we think about moving to Johto for now…"

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